When to get in touch

If you are a tenant renting a property through us then please send your maintenance issues via email to Please give us the following details:

  • Your name

  • Full address of the property

  • Nature of maintenance issue

  • Where the problem is within the property

  • If you have tried anything to fix the problem

  • Contact details so our contractors can arrange access

For emergencies please call the office on 01273 722923. For out of hours emergency please call 01273 722923. This is monitored voicemail, so we will endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Where issues arise as a result of actions by the tenant, the invoice maybe expected to be paid by the tenant.

What constitutes an emergency out of hours call out:

Serious water leak due to burst pipe

If you are locked out this does not constitute an emergency and you will be charged £80 plus VAT should a member of staff be called out.

New keys must be ordered through us. There is a £25 (inc VAT) fee per key which must be paid when you collect the key. If you are locked out during normal office hours and require a member of staff to let you in you will be charged £12 (inc VAT), which must be paid upfront.

Please see below contact details for the following issues:

Suspected gas leak - National Grid : 0800 111 999

Power failure in the area - UK Power Networks : 0800 316 105

Fault on the Fire Alarm panel - Brighton Fire Alarms : 01273 279000

Fire in the building - Fire brigade : 999

Useful Information


If you smell smoke or see fire call 999 immediately.

  • If living in a development of flats ensure that you are familiar with building evacuation protocols in the event of a fire.


  • If you smell gas or think there may be a leak, open windows and doors and leave the property immediately. Do not turn on lights or light a cigarette.

  • Call the National Grid straight away on 0800 111 999,

  • If in doubt call 999 immediately.

No Electricity/ Supply Tripping

  • Check there is sufficient credit on the meter if you have a pre-payment meter.

  • Check with your neighbours and/ or your energy provider to establish if there is a problem in your area.

  • If your electricity keeps tripping (going off) turn off/ unplug appliances gradually turning them back on until the supply trips. This should highlight the problem device.

  • If the problem persists report the problem to us where we manage the property.

Burst Pips

  • Turn off the water supply at the stopcock.

  • Use containers to try and catch the water.

  • If the water is close to electricity supplies or appliances immediately switch off the electricity supply at the mains.

Loss of Water Supply

  • Check if your neighbours have the same problem

  • Check if the water authority serving your area has turned off the supply.

  • Contact the supplier if the problem persists.

Lack of heating/ hot water

  • The majority of problems can usually be rectified with reference to the manufacturer’s instructions. Copy instruction manuals are readily available online.

  • Check that thermostats and timers haven’t inadvertently been adjusted.

  • With gas boilers try re-setting the pilot and re-pressurising the system with reference to the instruction manual.

  • If you have a hot water cylinder check to see if it has an immersion heater that you can use until the boiler is repaired.

If the problem persists report the problem to us where we manage the property.

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